• I am not new to chiropractic care. I am new to Complete Health 180. Initially I came to Complete Health 180 because I had a stiff neck for a week and half. Instead of getting better, it was getting worse. I saw Dr. Harrison twice a week for several weeks during which time my neck improved with each visit. When it was completely healed, I continued to come in for back pain. That, too, is improving so I am not coming so often. I will continue coming at least once a month for preventative care, I am very pleased with my experience at Complete Health 180 and have found the staff to be very friendly and helpful


  • Great customer service, fast convenient appts, excellent care. Thanks so much


  • Just had my first appointment and instant relief from months of annoying pain. Crystal is upbeat, funny and truly cares. Nicole just puts a smile on your face entering the office, can’t wait for the next visit as these are truly remarkable ladies. Oh and veterans if you have service-connected disability and in pain ask your PCP about chiropractic care


  • Parking is abundant, location in a nice area and prices match the service. It is a very clean place, great customer service and friendly atmosphere. The building is shared with other businesses.  Harrison is very attentive to your needs, makes sure you are satisfied before you leave and love that she has a sense of humor!  Nicole is super sweet and always has a smile on her face.  I love coming here and getting the service I deserve


  • Excellent customer service-Fast, convenient, and accommodating appointments-fantastic care. They truly are the real deal


  • Crystal is a very caring and relatable person and doctor. She always takes the time to ask questions and is sure to understand your individual situation before each adjustment. I always leave feeling like a new person!


  • Crystal not only cares about the physical well-being of her patients but also about their complete health (spirit, body and soul)! She is an amazing person and a great clinician


  • Crystal and her staff are very professional. The Dr. takes the time to discover your problem, the. creates a plan to put you on a path to better health. She has done wonders for me. I can’t recommend Dr. Crystal highly enough.


  • I had a nasty fall about a month ago and ended up with some pretty nasty upper back pain. Of course, my upper back is very hard to adjust. I came to see Dr Harrison and was amazed by the different techniques she uses. One adjustment from her and the pain was completely gone the next day. She gets five stars from me!


  • Crystal has been amazing in the short time I have been visiting. She is timely, professional and makes me feel so comfortable. She explains what she is doing and allows me to explain my pain points so she can better serve me. I enjoy the cleanliness of the location and have felt welcome in the facility. Very pleased with my service and will recommend it to my friends and family


  • Crystal Harrison is absolutely amazing! She truly takes the time to listen and figure out what the root of the problem may be. She has many licenses in various specialties and is always researching ways to better diagnose and treat her patients. She has greatly improved my life.


  • Crystal Harrison is amazing! She gives the best chiropractic adjustments. You don’t know what it means to feel good until Dr. Harrison has worked on you! Thank you for the best neck adjustment ever!!!